Latin 215/315

Allegheny College, Fall 2015


Take-home portion of the final

Announcement: a Latin tutor, Nate Freed, is available Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 in the Tutoring Center on the main floor of the Pelletier Library.

Updated diary of reading completed and specific assignments


The Perseus Project presents a Latin text with morphology help and dictionary links.

Latin Library html text.

Koestermann's Teubner text of the opera minora as e-book at Pelletier. Here's a PDF of the Dialogus pages.

Winterbottom's translation in Classical Literary Criticism (Oxford, 1989).

A plain txt file version of the above for you to download and format.

C. E. Bennett, Tacitus, Dialogus de Oratoribus (Boston: Ginn and Co., 1902).

A. Gudeman, P. Cornelii Taciti Dialogus de oratoribus (Boston: Ginn and Co., 1894). A reader for the print version.

C. Lewis, An Elementary Latin Dictionary (Oxford: Oxford UP, 1981): an online form, or a reader for the print version.

Bibliographic suggestions for 315 essays (NB, also explore the Oxford Classical Dictionary, L'Annee Philologique, and BMCR):

Formatted text

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