Research guide for final paper

Oxford Classical Dictionary (4th edition, 2012)

Research report schedule

23 April: Jerico, Kelsey, Peter, Zach.

28 April: Alejandro, David, Darby, Katie.

Facilitators of reading discussions

Readings (ask in class for access credentials)

Short essay assignments

Write short essays on the specified topics. For each question write 750 words. In these essays you are strongly encouraged to discuss and give references to primary sources; you should also refer to the arguments of the secondary sources discussed in class if they are relevant to your discussion. Brief references to primary sources may be placed in parentheses in the text. Longer references and secondary material should be put in endnotes or footnotes. Provide full bibliographic information for the works you cite (you may use any formatting style, as long as you are consistent; the bibliographic information on the syllabus and this webpage provide a possible model for formatting style).